Articles - Running PonyOS on real hardware for fun and profit


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Projects I'm proud of

Evolution - simulator of animals powered by genetic algorithms

Desed - debugger for sed, pretty widely used for some reason!

Video Summarizer - (unfinished) utility that detects silent parts of video and speeds them up accordingly

Random small projects and utilities

Hack me!

D&D Name Generator

D&D Lorem Ipsum Generator

Arduino car autopilot (GH)

Simple DNS resolver API


Contact info

Happy Sugar Life (anime) Mirai Nikki (anime) Psycho Pass (anime) Serial Experiments Lain (anime) Elfen Lied (anime) Kokoro Connect (anime) Danganronpa (anime) Arch Linux (operating system) Your Lie in April (anime) Tokyo Ghoul (anime) Rust (programming language) Violet Evergarden (anime) Another (anime) Death Note (anime) Tom Scott (youtuber) Undertale (game) Vim (text editor) Mahou Shoujo Site (anime) Madoka Magica (anime) PŘeNoc (event) Doki Doki Literature Club! (game) Black Mirror (TV series) Exurb1a (youtuber)

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