Articles - Running PonyOS on real hardware for fun and profit


I participate in organization of:


Anime klub ČVUT

FIKS, algorithmic FIT CTU competition

FIT++ projects: Seggfault (cipher competition), Dejvická Šifrovačka (WIP)

IT s lidskou tváří (WIP)

Star Project

Desed - debugger for sed, pretty widely used for some reason!

Random small utilities

D&D Name Generator

D&D Lorem Ipsum Generator

Simple DNS resolver API


FIT CTU - FIKS - Sorting (2019-11-23)

Various FIT lectures (PA1, PA2) (2021-12 -- 2021-05)

FIT CTU - FIKS - Sorting (2021-04-03)

FIT CTU - FIKS - Practical Haskell introduction (2021-04-03)

PŘeNoc - Why is linear algebra sexy (2021-06-21)

DDM P6 - I've always wanted to be a dictator (2021-07-14)

Plejády - How to survive math at an university (2021-09-24)


Contact info

Happy Sugar Life (anime) Mirai Nikki (anime) Psycho Pass (anime) Serial Experiments Lain (anime) Elfen Lied (anime) Kokoro Connect (anime) Danganronpa (anime) Arch Linux (operating system) Your Lie in April (anime) Tokyo Ghoul (anime) Rust (programming language) Violet Evergarden (anime) Another (anime) Death Note (anime) Tom Scott (youtuber) Undertale (game) Vim (text editor) Mahou Shoujo Site (anime) Madoka Magica (anime) PŘeNoc (event) Doki Doki Literature Club! (game) Black Mirror (TV series) Exurb1a (youtuber) Lineární algebra

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